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Fountain Solutions for Newspapers

The 4C News Fount range is based on innovative technology and formula-ted for the next generation of high speed newspaper presses. Features include greater stability at high speed, quicker start up and minimising was-te. A modern Fountain Solution that meets the latest requirements of the newest CTP technology in todays newspaper business.

Features Advantages Benefits
Clean Label No Hazardous Labelling Safer to the environment
Low foam formulation For all dampening systems Consistant performance
Exclusive corrosion package Ultra low corrosion Long press life
Unique desensitisers Fast, clean start ups Minimising waste

Directions to use :
Dosage between 2 and 3% concentration to reach a pH 4,5-5,5 depending on local water conditions. Control by conductivity and keeping the pH value within the most favourable range for printing with strong buffer capability.